GPS Car Tracking

Keep the Cost under Control, by keeping track of your cars

Save 40% of the cost of running vehicles, save yourself from the documentations, get complete electronic book log

Car GPS Tracking

Where is my gps trackers are top class tracking systems with powerful servers. Its accuracy is very on point with respect to data mapping. Where is my gps cars tracking devices provide a platform to track your vehicles. It helps you about whereabouts of your cars, fuel consumption will be under control and knowledge about the style of your driver. It helps you track your devices in real time. Precision is the key for GPS tracker, with powerful servers, an electronic logbook to provide a complete map of data about vehicles, their overview of movement and reliability. It enables you to keep track of all vehicles, cars, machines, devices and the way your employees are handling those vehicles. This tracking platform is helpful for the individual purpose of tracking, company fleet and for other purposes such as municipal fleets.

Keep Track of your Vehicles

Where is my gps provides an online portal for GPS tracking of cars, where it shows your car on the satellite map. It has no lengthy menu of information, it’s precise and easy to access all data. You can track the movement of your car in real time, with help of this portal. It keeps a log of complete travel history of your car, even if it moves for a slight moment. All the information is just one click away about report templates an electronic calendar about the log of all vehicles.
  • Current position on an online map
  • Travel history of the vehicles
  • Available and securely stored data

End Of Car Abuse And Misuse

GPS monitoring prevents unauthorized and illegal use of car movements concerning company vehicles. Electronic log book history is stored to increase reliability and reveal any sort of misuse regarding car usage or any other movement. You have access to setting up a customized area for movement of any car, whether it’s for personal use or corporate. If car trespasses the area set by you, it automatically warns you and send or an email or sends alert to your mobile phone.
  • Vehicle operation overview
  • Set up a destined area of movement
  • Available and securely stored data

Fuel Consumption Tracking

Where is my gps tracking system and devices help you in measuring the cost and fuel consumption of any car according to its route, characteristics, speed and driving style. It keeps the record of the fuel consumption history, which helps you in figuring out any negative activity related to fuel theft. If you have any suspicions then tracking software and systems will help you recognize it. What is the most important thing here? After opting for this GPS system, car theft, fuel theft, and other undesired situations can be prevented with constant monitoring. Vehicles of every type can be easily tracked by our system. Company vehicle, Truck, Cargo Shipment, We have the solution for all your stuff.
  • Automatic fuel consumption and refueling checking
  • Alerts to discrepancies
  • Optional high accuracy fuel flow meter measuring

Electronic Log book

Car GPS tracking systems have been installed in cars, but what is the most brilliant thing about our GPS tracking devices. Due to apps, software addition, this GPS tracking devices will alert you in case of any stolen vehicle and help you locate its position. Trackers can be disassembled, but they will help you track the last position it was found.
  • Track the position of the stolen car
  • Manage defined areas of movement
  • Possibility to stop the car remotely
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